During the consultation, we go over all questions you may have before your service. From the process of our lash and eyebrow services to the after care and maintenance procedures, we will make sure you are confident and knowledgeable in our lash world and to discover the new look for your beautiful eyes.

Priming Lashes

Priming Lashes: After cleansing, we take the additional tie to use our Bella Lash Primer to remove all oils and secure the bonding process of your natural lash and adhesive for longer retention.

Cleansing Eye Area

We request that all clients come into their appointment wearing no makeup. Upon arrival, all clients are asked to wash their eyes with the provided cleanser to rid the eye area of all oils/moisturizers to ensure the best retention.

Applying Extensions 

This is where the real fun comes in: Applying one extension to one natural lash! The most important part is to make sure the isolation of each lash is precise. This will prevent damage or irritation to your natural lash and lash line.

Gel Pad Application

Once the eye area is cleansed, we will have you lay down and get comfortable for your lash nap! To begin, a gel pad is applied to the lower part of your eye, below your lash line to isolate your bottom lashes from your top lashes. You will be asked to look up while the gel pad is placed onto your lower lash line then to close your eyes and keep eyes closed throughout the service. If you feel any irritation or discomfort please inform us so we can correct the position of the pad.


Assure all Lashes are separated: After lash extensions are applied your technician will go through and make sure only one extension is adhered to one natural lash.

Eyelash Mapping

During the consultation, we discuss the desired look for your eye shape and preference. Now, we take a closer look to measure and choose the best sizes, in length and diameter, for your natural lashes.


Remove gel pad and present to you: Once lashes are separated we remove your under-eye gel pad, brush out your lashes, and make sure everything is comfortable for you. We will the present to you your luscious new lashes!

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